Prize for first salmon released in 2020


Prize for first salmon released in 2020

Inland Fisheries Ireland is delighted to announce that a prize of €250 will be awarded to the angler who catches and releases the first salmon of 2020 in Ireland. The prize will only be made available for the first salmon which is released in the New Year.

The salmon will need to be verified by staff from Inland Fisheries Ireland and all salmon must be handled appropriately in order to receive the prize. Only salmon which are released in a sustainable manner will be eligible.

As salmon populations continue to face challenges across the northern hemisphere, Inland Fisheries Ireland is encouraging all anglers to make their own personal contribution to the conservation of this valued species by practising catch and release fishing at all times.

The first salmon caught and released, as verified by Inland Fisheries Ireland, will be announced on our website and social media channels.

So remember to catch, photo and release!

Tight lines to all.