Angling Access

The construction and maintenance of angling access.

Inland Fisheries Ireland supports and maintains an extensive network of angling infrastructure around the country to provide safe access for anglers to game, coarse, pike and sea angling venues. The types of angling infrastructure managed by Inland Fisheries Ireland include:

  • Footbridges
  • Stiles/Gates
  • Walking paths
  • Boardwalks
  • Carparks 
  • Drive tracks
  • Slipways
  • Jetties/Moorings
  • Signage
angling stands

Provision of angling infrastructure is typically subject to fish stock abundance, angling demand, landowner permission, environmental screening, local site conditions and available resources and funding. Regular upkeep and maintenance is informed by annual audits of infrastructure with subsequent follow up action as necessary. Staff also engage with local clubs and anglers who provide valued feedback on our infrastructure.


In recent years Inland Fisheries Ireland has conducted an extensive upgrading programme on infrastructure which involves removal, repair and replacement of existing structures. There are also opportunities to innovate practices, materials, locations and tasks in line with safe modern angling infrastructure and changing angling demand. There is an awareness now more than ever for inclusive access for all in our venues promoting angling access for the wider community.

Boat moorings

Inland Fisheries Ireland continues to work collaboratively with local authorities, partner agencies, angling clubs and community groups for the provision of safe access to our valued recreational angling and natural resource for the social, environmental and economic benefits of our communities.

Audit of angling access

Under the Outdoor Recreational Infrastructure Scheme (ORIS) programme Inland Fisheries Ireland were awarded €500,000 for the upgrade and repair of angling infrastructure nationally which commenced in 2020. This funding, which will continue to 2021, provides support for the management of recreational facilities and angling infrastructure to promote recreation and outdoor activity in Irelands natural spaces. 

Angling infrastructure maintenance

Guide to the Design and Construction of Accessible Angling Facilities

It is expected that users of this Guide will have some familiarity with the practical aspects of countryside access management. This guidance document should provide staff with required information relating to design, construction and installation of the structures. Thus enabling personnel to construct and erect them. However, they are not intended to offer a complete or exhaustive specification or a blueprint that will be suitable for every situation. In many instances designs will need to be adapted to suit a particular set of circumstances or to solve a specific access problem. It is therefore recommended that, where appropriate, advice is sought from experienced and competent practitioners or skilled contractors as to the suitability of a particular design and any modifications that may be necessary.

Guide to the Design and Construction of Accessible Angling
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Angling Infrastructure Design Samples
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Building for Everyone- National Disability Authority
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