Web and social media

How our websites play an important role in communicating with our clients.

Corporate website

Through our corporate website we share important information regarding our various functions and activities. The site also enables and facilitates our public consultations. Different users can apply for different services which can vary greatly, from ordering fish online from our fish farms to applying for sponsoship.

Angling websites

Our angling website is available in five languages, allowing us to talk directly with the angling market at home and abroad. The site is both informative and an important marketing platform. The model that we employ involves directing clients to the various angling provider websites for conversions.

These clients are a diverse group and can include tackle shops, angling guides, charter boats, salmon fisheries, coarse angling festivals, etc. We also have a number of project-specific websites for defined services, such as Something Fishy and activities funded by European programmes.

Social media

We actively engaged in social media, using a number of platforms to share ideas, information and exchange views. Facebook and Twitter are our most popular social media channels, and we also manage a YouTube channel.