Promotional Literature

Producing angling maps and up to date information on venues

Maps and brochures

Anglers love to look at brochures and they are particularly attracted to maps so it is important to have good and up to date information that we can give to them in this format. We have different types of brochures to provide different types of information for anglers. We get these brochures translated into all the main target market languages so that they are more informative to the anglers who read them.

We also have some far more detailed brochures that look at fishing in particular parts of the country. These brochures can go into very fine detail, listing particular fisheries and are an important tool for any angler who has decided to fish a particular place.

General angling publications

Coarse angling publications

Pike angling publications

Salmon and sea trout angling publications

Sea angling publications

Trout angling publications

Game angling publications

Publications covering both trout and salmon fishing