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Angling trade shows

How we promote Irish angling around the world.

Promoting Irish angling through global trade shows

One way in which we promote angling in Ireland is to attend specialist angling trade shows in various countries that are our key target markets. These markets are currently identified as Germany, France, The Netherlands and Italy in Europe, Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the USA.

Attending trade shows gives us a chance to talk directly with anglers who are interested in fishing in Ireland and to help them to make the right choices so that they get the most out of their visit. As well as engaging with people who come to our stand, we often give presentations on various aspects of angling in Ireland in order to stimulate additional interest.

In addition, these events provide opportunities to talk with key influencers in the angling world and to learn of any new developments or areas of interest that we can tap into. Also, they enable us to liaise with journalists from the main angling magazines to make plans for media visits in the coming year.

At many of these trade shows, we also encourage Irish angling trade to participate on our stand with us. Having a good mix of trade at events improves the dynamic and visibility at the event and also gives our trade partners an easy way to sell their product which has helped many of them to grow their business over a number of years.

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