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Our Board

Our Board of Directors is charged with providing strategic leadership and oversight of the organisation.

Inland Fisheries Ireland is governed by a Board of 10 directors. Appointments are made by Ministers responsible for natural resources (three positions), the Minister responsible for rural affairs (one position) and by a Joint Oireachtas Committee (four positions). The remaining two positions are occupied by the Chief Executive Officer (ex-officio) and elected staff nominee.

The Board is responsible for shaping our priorities, providing strategic leadership and overseeing the implementation of organisation's statutory functions.

The Board has established a standing Audit and Risk Committee to oversee our key areas of financial and risk management.

Members of the Board 

Patrick Gibbons

Mr Patrick Gibbons

Mr. Patrick Gibbons is a full-time Independent Non-Executive Director. He is also a commercial lawyer with experience on the board of several financial service companies and public bodies, including chairing several Audit & Risk Committees. Before that, he had 15 years of experience at senior executive level in charge of the compliance and legal functions of a number of leading financial services regulated entities encompassing enterprise risk management, corporate governance and regulation. A member of the Inland Fisheries Ireland Board since 2016, Mr. Gibbons chaired its Audit & Risk Committee from 2020-2021.

Michael McGreal

Michael McGreal

Michael McGreal has previously served on the Board of Inland Fisheries Ireland from 2010 to 2015. He is a member of the Local Authorities’ National Oversight and Audit Committee (NOAC) monitoring costs and efficiencies throughout 31 Local Authorities. He has completed extensive training in corporate governance and is a member of the Institute of Directors. 

Fiona Walsh

Fiona Walsh

Fiona Walsh has extensive experience in the technology, education, and healthcare sectors. Mrs Walsh currently serves as non-executive Director to five organisations and consults in venture capital. She has been appointed as chairperson to one organisation and is also a member of four Audit and Risk Committees. Mrs Walsh has a Higher Diploma in Corporate Governance and an MBA from INSEAD.

Sean Coady

Seán Coady, Staff Nominee

Sean Coady first joined the Fisheries Service in 1978. He has wide ranging experience in Fisheries Protection from various parts of the country. His current role is as Inspector in the Galway District of the WRBD. His main focus is centred on fisheries and environmental conservation with a view to ensuring that Inland Fisheries Ireland is properly resourced to fulfil its statutory functions. Inland Fisheries Ireland staff voted on 25 November 2020 to re-elect Sean as a worker representative in line with section 13 of the Inland Fisheries Act, 2010. In line with the provisions of the 2010 Act, Minister Eamon Ryan re-appointed Mr. Coady to the Board for a three-year term with effect from 7 December 2020.