Co Meath: Riverbank habitat restoration works on the Stonyford River, Stonestown Co. Meath - showing recovery of riparian vegetation following fencing works.


Many clubs, communities, individuals and staff have been instrumental in creating projects we are proud to showcase. We hope you enjoy these clips from some of the people who have invested so much time and energy into protecting these unique natural resources.

Castletown fish pass

The weir at Castletown acted as a barrier to fish passage on the River Nore in Co. Laois. With funding from the Salmon Conservation Fund, a rock ramp fish pass was constructed in the river making it possible for Salmon and Lamprey to pass this structure as they migrate upstream to spawn.

Accessible angling at Foxford, Co. Mayo

With funding from the National Strategy for Angling Development Capital Grant Scheme, the East Mayo Anglers Association constructed a 76-metre-long wheelchair accessible angling platform along the world famous salmon river: the River Moy. This development included changing facilities and a car park.

River Erriff bank protection

The bank of the River Erriff was eroding and depositing silt on the salmon spawning gravels. With funding from the Salmon Conservation Fund, low level rock revetments were installed to reduce the erosion. In consultation with the landowners, fencing was installed to promote the growth of riparian vegetation which will, over time, improve biodiversity and provide a sustainable source of river bank reinforcement.

Glenamurra soft engineering

The bank of the Glenamurra River was eroding and depositing silt on the salmon spawning gravels. Courtesy of funding provided by the Salmon Conservation Fund, soft engineering measures were employed to stabilise the river bank and protect the spawning gravels.

Please see below a document that lists projects funded by Inland Fisheries Ireland over recent years. 

Completed Conservation and Development Projects 2021
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