IFI Electric Vehicle

Sustainable procurement

How we are going greener with what we buy and use.


Annual public sector purchasing accounts for up to 12% of Ireland’s GDP, forming a large part of its overall economic activity and demand. This provides our public sector with significant influence to stimulate the provision of more resource-efficient, less polluting goods, services and works within the marketplace in line with Ireland's Climate Action Plan 2019.

We are leading the way in adopting electric vehicles (EVs), but we have an ambition to achieve much more through our broader procurement strategy.

Incorporating green criteria into public purchasing provides an opportunity to convert environmental policy objectives on carbon reduction, air and water quality, and waste reduction into delivered actions. The following steps are being, or will be taken, by Inland Fisheries Ireland to accelerate our green procurement practice:

  • Targeting priority products and services with associated "green criteria".
  • Working with OGP to deliver green frameworks as they arise for renewal.
  • Engaging with suppliers, especially SMEs regarding GPP opportunities.
  • Collaborating with the OGP and other agencies to support an "All of Government" approach to the successful incorporation of green criteria and other social considerations into public procurement policy and practice.
  • Developing clusters and networks for GPP.
  • Building monitoring and reporting into the public sector corporate governance model.
  • Supporting staff through green procurement training.