State Fisheries

Inland Fisheries Ireland owns a wide variety of fisheries in locations all across Ireland. These range from picturesque small lakes to long river stretches and everything in between. State fisheries are made available for licence to all angling clubs every year.

The term ‘fishery’ can describe anything from a small section of a river or lake to a whole river system, including every lake and stream within a river catchment; where there is a fishery, there is a right to fish and Inland Fisheries Ireland owns the fishing rights to a wide range of these fisheries in Ireland.

Inland Fisheries Ireland currently has licence agreements with over 50 fishing clubs allowing them to fish on more than 90 Inland Fisheries Ireland owned fisheries, while many more Inland Fisheries Ireland owned fisheries are managed locally by our staff on a ‘pay per day' basis.

Licence terms with clubs can vary in length and when a fishery becomes available it is advertised as part of an open tender process through which fishing clubs can bid for the rights for a single season, or for a number of years, depending on their preference.

We want to make angling as accessible to as many anglers as possible on our State-owned fisheries and we also want to ensure that our rivers are maintained, preserved and protected by the clubs who fish them. For those reasons, the licence agreements that we enter into with each club ensure that day tickets must be made readily available to visiting anglers by the club and that club members play an active role in conservation and protection efforts on these rivers.

2022 State Fisheries Application process is Open