Man disinfecting a boat

Research theme: Biosecurity

Invasive species cost our economy millions each year are among the greatest threat to our inland fisheries. Protecting and enhancing Ireland’s inland fisheries requires staff to conduct research in or near many of our watercourses. It is vitally important that such work does not itself pose a threat the species or their habitats. By using simple biosecurity measures, Inland Fisheries Ireland staff aim to reduce the spread of harmful invasive species.

Help stop the spread of invasive species!

The spread of invasive species can be minimised by promoting good environmentally sensitive recreational behaviour and sound aquatic gardening practices. Be aware of invasive species and keep up to date with the latest information, especially if you are a regular water user.

Disinfecting a boat

All boating equipment, angling equipment, protective clothing and footwear must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that no cross-contamination with invasive species or pathogens occurs. Inland Fisheries Ireland appreciates the cooperation and goodwill of stakeholders and the public in adhering to biosecurity measures as they are essential if we are to effectively halt the spread of harmful pathogens and invasive species.

Eggs stuck to a net

INSPECT & CHECK: Check boats & equipment. This includes clothing, footwear, tyres, boat trailers etc. for living plants and animals. Don’t forget to check nets, ropes, chains and other places where hitchhikers might attach!

Weeds stuck to a trailer

REMOVE & CLEAN:  Remove plants and animals from your equipment and wash it thoroughly. Leave any plants and animals in the water where you found them. Do not drop them off elsewhere because they might carry diseases!

Disinfecting a boat engine

DRY: Allow equipment to dry thoroughly for 48 hours before using it again in a new waterbody.

We have a number of biosecurity guides available:

IFI Biosecurity Protocol for Field Survey Work 2010
(505.83 KB)
CAISIE biosecurity leaflet: Disinfection of Scuba Diving Equipment
(1.54 MB)
CAISIE biosecurity leaflet: Disinfection of Paddle Sports Equipment
(6.69 MB)
CAISIE biosecurity leaflet: Disinfection of Boats and Boating Equipment
(5.33 MB)
CAISIE biosecurity leaflet: Disinfection of Angling Equipment
(6.54 MB)

More information can also be found at Invasive Species Ireland.