IRD Duhallow LIFE

In 2010, the integrated rural development project IRD Duhallow was awarded funding from the EU LIFE+ programme to promote conservation of freshwater pearl mussel, Atlantic salmon, otter, kingfisher and dipper on the River Allow, a tributary of the Munster Blackwater. These species require clean water in rivers to survive. With various pressures mounting in the River Allow, including nutrient enrichment, siltation and channel degradation, this project aimed to get all relevant stakeholders together and highlight their role in this river's conservation.

Restoration works were proposed to improve the river's water quality and maintain it at a high standard into the future. Integral to this project was engagement with the local communities and creation of awareness surrounding the river and it important habitats. Education was also important, with local schools invited to participate and learn about the river.

Pearl mussel in the riverbed.