Press Release

IFI to re-open the Moy and Galway fisheries in Mayo and Galway

Monday, June 19th, 2023: Inland Fisheries Ireland is re-opening the Moy Fishery in Co. Mayo, and the Galway Fishery in Galway city, from today.

Both fisheries were closed to angling 10 days ago due to elevated water temperatures.

Barry Fox Head of Operations at Inland Fisheries Ireland(IFI) said: “We are lifting our cessation of angling protocols at the Moy and Galway Weir fisheries.

“Water temperatures have reduced to appropriate levels, and when taking weather forecasts into account, it is now considered appropriate to reopen both fisheries.

“Water temperatures and weather forecasts will continue to be monitored on both fisheries over the coming weeks.”

Freshwater fish species such as salmon and trout can suffer ‘thermal stress’ arising from the impact of adverse warm weather on them. 

The Galway Fishery opened to angling at 2pm today, and the Moy Fishery will open for angling from tomorrow morning, 20th June.

Management at both fisheries will be contacting all anglers who have confirmed bookings over the coming days.

Those anglers who have had fishing cancelled due to the elevated temperatures will be refunded in due course.

The Moy Fishery can be contacted on 096 21332 or emailed via

The Galway Fishery can be contacted on 091 562388 or emailed via

IFI may be required to close both fisheries and other state-owned fisheries if water temperatures rise to levels considered unsafe over the summer months.

Any further closures of state-owned fisheries will be published via IFI’s website, and on its Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook channels.