Measuring pike

Pike Research Programme

The 2016 Pike research programme will combine archived IFI data on pike ecology with empirical research on pike feeding and on the feasibility of transferring pike between Irish waters. A cutting-edge mathematical model of pike-trout interactions is to be developed. This model will take account of existing knowledge relating to the focal species, including population dynamics, life-history strategies, feeding ecology, behaviour and physiology. The model will be designed to simulate the populations of pike and trout in a lake specified by available input data and will be validated using available survey-based time series data from Irish lakes.

This research will be supported by additional field work looking at the seasonal variation in the diet of pike. Genetics samples of pike will be taken from all waters where pike are recorded during routine IFI surveys on lakes and rivers (on-going), for future analysis.

Radio tracking pike
Boom boating for pike  - stomach contents analysis study and live release