Biosecurity Protocol for Field Survey Work

Biosecurity protocol

Invasive species are an ever present threat in our aquatic and riparian systems and it is imperative that none of our field operations exacerbate the risks to the environment and to the economy that are posed by these species. Fish parasites, pathogens and diseases also represent a significant threat to the health status of our watercourses. The introduction or transfer of such pathogens or diseases has the potential to wipe out large populations of fish in affected waters or catchments. Vigilance is required if we are to stop the spread of invasive species and fish diseases, and it is imperative that we in IFI lead by example in the ongoing struggle against these significant threats to our fishery watercourses.

The need for basic biosecurity in our fisheries operations must become ingrained in the psyche of our staff if we are to do our part to stop the spread of hazardous invasive species and fish pathogens. Much to do with biosecurity involves awareness, common sense and agreed procedures. Listed below are some basic procedures that must be implemented when conducting field survey work.

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