Funding for fisheries projects

Funding is available to anglers and other fisheries interests for development projects and other sponsorship initiatives through a number of avenues. These include Inland Fisheries Ireland programmes, Waterway's Ireland funding, Heritage scheme grants etc

Inland Fisheries Ireland runs a number of funding programmes each year. These relate to funds accumulated through the sales of salmon licences (Conservation Fund), Midland Fisheries Group permits and the annual Sponsorship Programme. Full details of these programmes will be published here each year.

Funding call 2018

Funding Call 2018

Inland Fisheries Ireland Funding Call 2018 is made up of the following funds:

Salmon Conservation Fund of €500,000

  • The Salmon Conservation Fund is generated from the sale of salmon angling and commercial fishing licences and which represents a major contribution by licence holders to wild salmon conservation. The revenue created from the Salmon Conservation Fund is reinvested to pro-mote the recovery of salmon stocks and habitats.
  • Applications are invited from contributors to the Salmon Conservation Fund which may include angling clubs, commercial fishermen and fishery owners with an interest in a salmon fishery and who have purchased a salmon angling or commercial fishing licence.

Midland Fisheries Fund €50,000

  • The Midland Fisheries Fund is a sustainable funding mechanism through which angling clubs and organisations can access funding to undertake sustainable development works in the Midland Fisheries Group permit area. The fund has been created through angler contributions set-a-side from the Permit Income received by Inland Fisheries Ireland in the Midlands Fisheries Group permit area.
  • Applicants must have paid a Midland Fisheries Group permit to be eligible for this fund.

Requirements – All Funds
Please note that only applications that contain all required information, as set out in this guidelines document can be considered for funding. A quality check of all applications will be undertaken to ensure compliance. Where applicants do not have all information they are advised to collate this information before making an application for funding.

Making an Application for Funding 2018

Key Dates

  • Funding Calls Open 12th June 2018
  • Funding Call Closes 3pm on 11th July 2018
  • Funding Awarded End July

How to appeal a funding decision