Preparation of an Irish Language Scheme

Public Notice

Inland Fisheries Ireland carried out a six-week public consultation process around drafting an Irish Language Scheme.  The public consultation period opened on 25th May 2022 and concluded on 6th July 2022. It was advertised in a national newspaper and on Inland Fisheries Ireland’s website.  It was also promoted through a full media press release and highlighted regularly on Inland Fisheries Ireland’s social media channels.

The following table illustrates the targeted consultation:


Traditional Media

A press release was issued on 25th May 2022 to all media contacts. 

An English-language advert was published in the Irish Independent (25th May 2022) and an Irish-language version was printed in an Irish supplement (‘Seachtain’) on 25 Bealtaine 2022.

Direct Engagements

An internal staff survey took place with further group meetings internally.

Social Media

Regular reminders were posted across Inland Fisheries Ireland’s social media channels, during the public consultation period.

One public submission was received, before the closing date.

The themes and opinions expressed in this submission are in line with the guidance documents from An Coimisinéir Teanga and have included;

  • Active offer
  • Present online
  • Publications and forms
  • Human resources
  • Correspondence and communication with the public
  • Email
  • Phonecalls
  • Socio-linguistic audit
  • Monitoring and review

Outcome of public consultation and review:

A draft Irish Language Scheme is now being prepared by Inland Fisheries Ireland for review by An Coimisinéir Teanga

The submission that was made is available to view below in a PDF format. 

Submission received in English.pdf
(1.12 MB)
Submission received as Gaeilge.pdf
(1.02 MB)

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