2024 State Fisheries Tender Process

Public Notice

A fishery is an area where fish are caught for commercial or recreational purposes. In freshwater, the term ‘fishery’ can describe anything from a small section of a river or lake to a whole river system, including every lake and stream within a river catchment. Where there is a fishery in freshwater, there is a right to fish, and Inland Fisheries Ireland owns the fishing rights to a wide range of these fisheries in Ireland, ranging from picturesque small lakes to long river stretches and everything in between.

State owned fishing rights are made available for licence to interested angling clubs every year and Inland Fisheries Ireland generally has licence agreements with over 50 fishing clubs, allowing them to fish on more than 90 fisheries where the rights are State owned.

The tender process for IFI State Fisheries for 2024 is now open, so if your club wants to tender for one or more fisheries please download and fill out the Condition of Tender Questionnaire, available below, and return to us at the address indicated. Alternatively, you can apply online.

The online tender application form for IFI State Fisheries for 2024 is available.

2024 State Fisheries Tender Application Form
(169.62 KB)

Please complete the End of Year Report in respect of each fishery held under licence last season if you have not already done so.

Tenders will be accepted up until 19th January 2024; proof of postage on or before this date will be accepted.

Please mark your envelope TENDER APPLICATION and send it to:

Paul O’Reilly,
Business Development,
Inland Fisheries Ireland,
3044 Lake Drive,
Dublin 24.

If your club is interested in a longer term licence please fill out the relevant section on your form and we will be in touch with you. Please tender the ‘per year’ licence fee.

If you have any queries relating to State Fisheries or the 2024 tender process, please contact Paul O’Reilly at paul.oreilly@fisheriesireland.ie.