Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report for Novice Angling Strategy


Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report for Novice Angling Strategy

Inland Fisheries Ireland is preparing a Novice Angling Strategy which has the following aim:

To grow angling participation amongst non -anglers and young people as a recreational pursuit and a sport.

A draft SEA Scoping report has been prepared and forms part of the SEA process under S.I. 435 of 2004 as amended. The aim of the SEA Scoping report is to provide preliminary information on the proposed Novice Angling Strategy with a view to establishing the scope, level of detail and approach required for the SEA.

It’s intended the information in this report will allow consultation with statutory and non statutory consultees. 

A four week consultation period has commenced today up to and including 7th October 2020.

Please make submissions to the following email address or

Postal address

Minogue Environmental Consulting Ltd


Co. Clare.

SEA Scoping Report Inland Fisheries Ireland Novice Angling Strategy

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