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Since 2012, Inland Fisheries Ireland has invited angling clubs and tourism organisations to apply for sponsorship support to ensure the smooth running of a variety of angling related events and initiatives; this support can be anything from financial assistance to staff support or loan of equipment.

The key drivers behind the IFI Sponsorship Programme have traditionally been to 1) increase participation in angling by recruitment of juvenile and novice anglers and 2) to maximise the potential of Ireland’s wild fisheries as world class venues for sustainable medium and large-scale angling competitions, thereby boosting the benefit of sustainable tourism in rural regions and extending the tourism season. 

The Sponsorship Programme enables our volunteer angling stakeholders to hold angling competitions and coaching events to the highest professional standards while also helping to remove some of the financial burden associated with them. Additionally, the sponsorship programme provides a reassurance to organisers of larger competitions that their events will be held to the highest standards of biosecurity and professional stewardship through IFI staff support, where requested, while also providing some financial assistance to facilitate the smooth running of these large-scale events.


Group of winners pictured at the 2022 Rosslare Small Boats Festival, sponsored by Inland Fisheries Ireland

If your club or organisation would like to apply for support from the Inland Fisheries Ireland Sponsorship Programme in 2023, you can find out more about the IFI sponsorship programme here.

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