Fish kill on the Crover River in Co. Cavan

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Fish kill confirmed on the Crover River in County Cavan

Inland Fisheries Ireland, the state agency responsible for the protection and conservation of freshwater fish and habitats, is investigating a significant fish kill incident on the Crover River in County Cavan, which is a tributary of Lough Sheelin.

Officers from the Shannon River Basin District became aware of the incident late on Friday evening (August 12th, 2022).

Inland Fisheries Ireland estimates that there could be in excess of 1,000 juvenile trout killed in the incident, covering a 1.5 kilometre stretch of water. Other aquatic species were also found dead, such as crayfish, lamprey, stone loach and invertebrates.

While investigations into this fish kill incident are ongoing, Inland Fisheries Ireland is not in a position to confirm the cause of the fish kill.

To report fish kills or water pollution, members of the public are encouraged to call Inland Fisheries Ireland’s new confidential 24-hour hotline number on 0818 34 74 24, which is open seven days a week.


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