Freshwater fish in Ireland

Here you will find information on each fish species recorded by IFI in freshwater since 1959. Each species is described by both their latin names and common names. Taxonomic classification and Irish names are also provided. Records of the largest recorded fish caught in Ireland by anglers are detailed for each species. Each species’ typical environment, habitat and distribution in Europe and Ireland are described. When hybrids occur, these are also listed.

The red list status of every species is described. This is assigned by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). The IUCN is an international body that assigns conservation status for plant and animal species. Categories of conservation status assigned by IUCN range from Not Evaluated, Data Deficient to Least Concern, Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered, Extinct in the Wild and Extinct.

The summary of Irish and EU legislation here is not meant to be a legal interpretation. EU legislation relates to legislation that is applied by the European Union and that must be implemented by all member states i.e. Habitats Directive. Annex II species assignment by the Habitats Directive means that its presence requires the designation of a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). Annex V species assignment means that management measures may be required to control capture in the wild and exploitation. Any summary of legislation is not meant to be a legal interpretation. Bye-law 806, 2006 states that “coarse fish” means any freshwater fish other than pike, salmon, trout, eels or minnow.