Enforcement case studies

How we enforce bye-laws and regulations to protect, manage and conserve Ireland's inland fisheries and sea angling resources.

Bass and nets seized

Illegal Bass fishing

It is illegal to take more than a certain number of European Sea Bass from Irish territorial waters.
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Wastematter pumped into river

Chlorine fish kill

Chlorine is used in water treatment to make sure the water is free from germs and safe to drink. Chlorine is highly toxic to fish and changes their blood, making it less able to carry oxygen. Fish exposed to excess chlorine soon die due a to lack of oxygen.
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Dead Trout & Lamprey

Dead Brown Trout

Brown Trout killed as a result of discharge into the River Tolka.
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Man on Watch

Adapting poaching patrols

The importance of adapting to a changing work dynamic.
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Covert Operation Stakeout

Moy protection exercise

Stakeout performed on the Moy
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fixed charge penalty notices issued in 2023
reported fish kills in 2023
fish kill caused by agricultural practice in 2023
fish kill caused by municipal works in 2023
fish kill by other causes (disease, natural causes) in 2023