The website has been designed and developed to be compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. Drupal is an inclusive community, and is committed to making sure that the overarching framework is an accessible tool for building websites that can also be accessed by people with disabilities. 


Design is the important first step and consideration when creating an accessible website.  

  • Text size, boldness, text, font, weight
  • Colours were only considered if they pass colour test ratio
  • Pages were designed with the user in mind avoiding clutter by grouping sections and components together. 
  • Responsiveness - mobile first flow to ensure that content is working across all devices. 
  • All artwork was designed with a clear focus to enable consistent tabbing 


Generally we make sure that the website is screen readable and consistently tabbed. For users that rely on a screen reader or other assistive technology, semantic markup is supported. Other key areas considered to ensure accessibility are; 

  • Search engine form and presentation
  • Adding skip navigation to core themes
  • Image handling
  • Form labeling
  • Removing duplicate or null tags 

How did we test accessibility? 

We used the WCAG-EM approach to test the website ensuring WCAG AA guidelines are met.

If you have any questions regarding this accessibility, please contact our Health & Safety Executive/Access Officer as follows:

Tel: +353 (1) 8842664