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Fisheries Funding

Inland Fisheries Ireland has provided over €6 million of funding to interested parties since 2016 to deliver projects that align with our objectives. 

In 2023, Inland Fisheries Ireland made funding available from the Salmon and Sea Trout Rehabilitation, Conservation and Protection Fund and from the Midland Fisheries Fund. These two funds support sustainable fisheries projects that primarily support riparian habitats and fish species conservation.

New Projects Awarded Funding in 2023
1 m
Total Funding Awarded in 2023
3 m
Live Funding in Delivery in 2023

The Salmon and Sea Trout Rehabilitation, Conservation and Protection Fund

The Salmon and Sea Trout Rehabilitation, Conservation and Protection Fund (SSTRCPF) is generated from the sale of salmon and sea trout angling and commercial fishing licences, which represents a major contribution by licence holders to the rehabilitation, conservation and protection of these species.  Funding is available through the SSTRCPF to contributors to the Fund which may include angling clubs, commercial fishery operators and fishery owners with an interest in a salmon fishery and who have purchased an Irish salmon and sea trout angling licence, commercial fishing licence or fishery rates contributor. 

The Midland Fisheries Fund

The Midland Fisheries Fund (MFF) is a funding mechanism through which angling clubs and organisations can access funding to undertake sustainable development works in the Midland Fisheries Group permit area. This source of funding has been created through angler contributions set-a-side from the Permit Income received by Inland Fisheries Ireland in the Midlands Fisheries Group permit area. Funding is available to contributors of this fund that have paid a MFF group permit. 

Making an application for funding

Inland Fisheries Ireland uses an online Grants Management Portal for all funding-related applications.  In order to access this platform, you will firstly need to register your club, association, organization, etc.  Once registered, you will then be able to log into the system and begin developing your Expression of Interest (EOI).  Reference Online Application Portal - User Guide for step-by-step instructions. Please note that you cannot apply for funding, when funding becomes available, without firstly having a successful EOI in place.  Applicants must engage with the relevant River Basin District (RBD) inspector or assistant inspector and the Projects Office to discuss proposals before submitting an application. This helps to establish a project’s eligibility, such as the fit with the local RBD management plans and how it aligns with the fund objectives. It also helps applicants in becoming familiar with the process involved in a full application.

For more details on recent or current funding calls made by Inland Fisheries Ireland please follow the links below:

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