Conservation and development

Inland Fisheries Ireland is responsible for protecting, managing and conserving Ireland's inland fisheries and sea angling resources. The agency also administers funds that allow third parties to carry out conservation and development projects. 

A shady river

Habitat Enhancement

Shade on a river, Co. Mayo
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Rock ramp fish pass

Barrier Mitigation

Mitigation to allow fish to pass barriers in rivers
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Angling Access

Angling access
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Mechanical cutting of Laragosiphon major on Lough Corrib

Invasive Species Management

Curley leaved water weed in Lough Corrib
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spawning gravel maintenance robe (18)

Stream Maintenance

Stream maintenance
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Stock management predator control Releasing pike

Stock management

How we monitor and manage the fish in Ireland's inland fisheries and within its sea angling boundary.
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Lough Corrib introducing native trees and stock proof fencing conservation


Development works that we have undertaken.
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One of the funded projects Annacotty Weir


Inland Fisheries Ireland is leading Annacotty Fish Passage Project as the state agency with responsibility for fish in rivers, such as the Mulkear.
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Environmental Reports in 2023
km Instream Maintenance in 2023
km Spawning Habitat Opened Up in 2023
km Instream Rehabitilation in 2023

Appropriate Assessment Determination's database

As part of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES (BIRDS AND NATURAL HABITATS) REGULATIONS 2011, as amended, and in accordance with Regulation (18) (a) Inland Fisheries Ireland as a public authority shall make available for inspection any determination that it makes in relation to a plan or project and provide reasons for that determination, as soon as may be after the making of the determination or giving the notice, as appropriate, by members of the public during office hours of the offices of the authority and shall also make the determination or notice available in electronic form including by placing the documents on the authority’s website.


Inland Fisheries Ireland also provides funding to various eligible organisations to carry out Conservation and Development projects. 

Since 2016, over €4 million worth of funding has been awarded to over 200 Conservation and Development projects by Inland Fisheries Ireland.


Apply for funding

For more details on our funding schemes, and for information on how to apply for funding please go to our funding page.

Behind the scenes of conserving wild Atlantic salmon