Oyster Dredge Licences

Procedure for Oyster Dredge Licence Applications

Applications are invited from oyster fishers seeking a licence to operate an Oyster Dredge for the 2024 season.

All applications must be submitted on the required Inland Fisheries Ireland form and must be completed in full. The closing date for receipt of Oyster Dredge Licence Applications for the 2024 season is Monday 4th December 2023 before 12.00 noon.

Applications should be addressed to the relevant Inland Fisheries Ireland office and should state the Fishery District for which the application is being sought. No late applications can be considered except in the case where the initial applications and licences issued are less than the number available or issued.

Applications will only be accepted from applicants with boats on the sea fishing boat register of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Applicants must download the Oyster Dredge Licence Application Form below and complete Appendix 1.

2024 Application for Oyster Dredge Licences
(445.57 KB)
2024 Application for Oyster Dredge Licences Irish Version
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