Eel Management Plan

The national plan describes a comprehensive programme of monitoring and evaluation of management actions and their implementation, and also a programme of eel stock assessment to establish a stock baseline, estimate silver eel escapement and monitor the impact of the management actions on the local stocks.

Eel Management

The eel fishery will remain closed until 2018. A full explanation for this decision is included in the documents below - Details of the Public Consultation and associated appendices.

Eel Consultation 2015

Earlier in 2015 Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) invited submissions from interested parties on the following reports:

These reports should be read in conjunction with the original report:

These reports include the latest research and management information on eels in Ireland compiled over the last three years and updates the status of the stocks. The management policy for eels in Ireland over the next three years will be determined from these reports and any relevant submissions received from interested parties.

Management Actions

There are four main management actions aimed at reducing eel mortality and increasing silver eel escapement in Irish waters. These are a cessation of the commercial eel fishery and closure of the market, mitigation of the impact of hydropower, including a comprehensive silver eel trap and transport plan, ensure upstream migration of juvenile eel at barriers and improve water quality including fish health and bio-security issues.

IFI and eel fishermen will be engaged in investigating possible diversification schemes for the former commercial fishermen.


Irish silver eel escapement from freshwaters expressed as a percent of historic production (EU target = 40%) ranges from 8% in the ShIRBD to 64% in the SWRBD. The national percent escapement is 24%.

Management actions described will contribute to achieving a recovery in recruitment in 90 years (assuming an equivalent EU wide action), thereby aiming to achieve the EU escapement target in less than that timeframe. It is imperative that equivalent EU-wide action is taken at this level so as not to diminish the impact of Ireland's contribution.

Management plan report

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