Inland Fisheries Ireland carries out applied fisheries research to assess the conservation status of Ireland's fish species, to monitor fisheries stocks in inland and coastal waters and to explore environmental issues that have an impact on fish and their habitats.

The Research Division also provides scientific advice to our parent department, the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications.

National Brown Trout Programme

National Brown Trout Programme

Climate Change Mitigation Research Programme | CCMRP

The CCMRP aims to assess the impact of climatic change on Ireland’s fish species and habitats, with the ultimate goal of bridging knowledge gaps and building capacity for mitigation strategies.

Lagarosiphon Research in Lough Corrib

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The Hydromorphology team at IFI researches the physical characteristics of rivers and works to raise awareness of how hydromorphology provides important ecological benefits for fish.

National Barriers Programme

The National Barriers Programme identifies and assesses barriers to fish passage on rivers and works to mitigate their impacts.