Common name: Perch
Scientific name: Perca fluviatilis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Family: Percidae
Order: Perciformes
Class: Actinopterygii
Irish name: Péirse
Irish angling record: 2.495kg (1946, L. Erne)
Native species: Introduced sometime after the 12th Century though no historical documentary data exists5;
Hybrids: No

Identifying features

Two dorsal fins set close together, the first with sharp spines; spines also in the origin of the anal fin and in the origin of the pelvic fins, which are placed under the pectorals; Greenish-olive, with black bars on the sides; pelvics, anal and tail-fin red or orange4.

Environment and Habitat

Inhabit lake bottom and water column; usually found in lowland lakes2;

European distribution

Widespread across Europe and Siberia; 74°N - 38°N, 91°W - 168°E; Widespread across Ireland.

Economic value in Ireland

Minor commercial value; farmed in Ireland for foreign markets by Bord Iasciagh Mhara6; regarded primarily as an angling species;

Red list status

Least concern

Irish legislation status

Protected by Coarse Fish bye-law No. 806, 2006: maximum 4 fish per angler per day; no killing of coarse fish > 25cm.

EU legislation status