Brown Trout Fishery Stock Surveys

Due to its sparse fish fauna lacking many predator and competitor species, its temperate climate, and its large, shallow, productive lakes, Ireland is the only country in Western Europe with an abundance of lakes which can support large stocks of wild brown trout for the angler to enjoy. This importance of wild brown trout fisheries to the Irish and tourist angler alike has long been recognised by IFI and its predecessors.

Since the 1960s, fisheries surveys have been undertaken to monitor stocks of wild brown trout in Ireland’s premier lake fisheries, especially in lakes which are managed by IFI for the conservation of wild brown trout. More recent reports on stock surveys of wild brown trout lake fisheries are available via the links below:

The WFD surveillance monitoring programme also conducts surveys of most of these wild brown trout fisheries as well as other lakes that contain brown trout. Visit for further information.

Stock Management

The legacy of this extensive lake survey programme is the scientific basis that underlies stock management for the conservation of wild brown trout in Ireland.

These research projects and monitoring programmes aim to ensure that IFI’s fisheries management policies and operations are informed by scientific research, are based on best practice and are carried out in accordance with strict standard operating procedures.

Further information on the stock management policies informed by this research can be found at

These reports can also be accessed for your lake of interest by clicking on the map below:

Loughs Conn & Cullin stock report 2001 Lough Carra stock report 2009 Lough Corrib stock report 2012 Lough Arrow stock report2002 Lough Ree stock report 2014 Lough Sheelin stock report 2012 Lough Inchiquin stock report 2002 Lough Melvin stock report 2001 Lough O'Flynn stock report 2008 Lough Ennell stock report 2004