Final online draw for ‘Brown Tags’ on Lower River Lee in Cork

Salmon anglers are advised that from 1st February 2023 to midnight of 30th September 2023, Brown Tag regulations are in force on the Lower River Lee.

180 Brown Tags are available for the season and distribution of these brown tags will be by four electronic lotteries throughout the 2023 angling season.

The Wild Salmon and Seatrout Tagging Scheme Regulations permit a maximum of 25% of the available tags to be issued at one time. IFI issued brown tags to 45 anglers on 31st January 2023,  45 on the 22nd of March 2023 and 45 on 22nd May. On Monday 24th July, 45 ‘brown tags’ will be allocated for salmon on the Lower River Lee. The online application opens Wednesday fifth July and the deadline to enter the online draw is 5pm on Thursday 20th July 2023.

Any angler requesting a brown tag must be in possession of a valid 2023 Salmon Licence and must apply from 5th July until 5pm on 20th July 2023.

Anglers must provide their Name, Contact Address, Telephone Number and 2023 Salmon Licence number. This is the only method to apply for a brown tag. 

Anglers may only fish one brown tag over the full season. Multiple applications will disqualify. Salmon Licences are available online at:

Salmon anglers not in possession of a brown tag must fish using catch and release methods using single or double barbless hooks. Use of worms is not permitted.

A salmon cannot be taken unless the angler is in possession of a brown tag. If a salmon is taken both a blue and brown tag must be affixed to the fish. Failure to do so may result in penalties.  Catch details must be recorded on the Anglers Logbook promptly.

A total of 10 reserve licence numbers will be drawn in case the initial offer of a brown tag is not taken up. Tags will be issued to successful applicants by post and late or early applications will be instantly excluded.