1. Inland Fisheries Ireland will acknowledge receipt of the application.  Each application shall be allocated a project reference number.  This reference number shall be used in all future correspondence relating to this project.  On receipt of applications each IFI Director shall review the application and assess the project in terms of its fit with the Salmon Conservation Fund Scheme. This may involve a site visit and/or discussions with the project promoter.
2. Once the assessment is complete the IFI Director makes a recommendation on the project either ‘accepting for evaluation’ or ‘rejecting with reasons for same’.
3. If the contributor application is rejected, you will be advised with reasons for its unsuitability by the IFI Director and recommendations for changes/improvements may be given.
4. If the application is accepted and complete with all supporting documentation in place (including tax clearance cert, landowner permissions, IFI/NPWS/OPW/P.P. approvals etc.) the applications will be forwarded for assessment to an evaluation committee and forwarded to the Management Committee for final approval. 
5. Letters of offer/regret will be circulated to all applicants following final approval (ideally this will be the end April or early May so works can commence from May/June onwards.  
6. The letter of offer will be made up of a contractual agreement between IFI and the Project Promoter.  There shall be 2 copies of this agreement circulated to each project promoter for signing, one to be retained by the promoter and the other by IFI along with a Section 59 Authorisation of the Fisheries Act 2010’ permitting instream works.