Before preparing my application i will need to consider

• Who owns the fishing right of the fishery 
• Do I require landowner permissions to access the site
• I will require an Angling Club Constitution if I am an Angling club
• I will require a Memo/Articles of Association if I am a Company
• I will require a PPS number if I am an individual
• Is the project within a designated site.  (SAC, NHA, SPA, Natura 2000)
• Do I require permissions from ESB, OPW, NPWS or local Authority
• a Minimum of 3 quotations will be require for all proposed expenditure exceeding €500.  (to ensure value for money is achieved)
• A valid tax clearance certificate will be required by all applicants to ensure tax compliance
• What insurances do I need to consider (i will also need to indemnify Inland Fisheries Ireland against any accident, losses, claims or liability arising from the proposed project)

Health and Safety considerations