Designated sites can be classified as Natural Heritage Areas (NHA’s), Special Protected Areas (SPA’s), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC’s) or Natura 2000 site.  National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) provide a map viewer and project locator tool to outline where all the protected sites are within the country.  Use the following link to connect to the map viewer. .

  • Simply select the county and townland to view your project location on the map or use the zoom feature.
  • Turn on the layers list from the toolbar to show up any designated sites.
  • Any designated sites will show up as a series of coloured grids.
  • By selecting legend from the toolbar, you can distinguish the type of designated area identified.

If the proposed project is within a coloured grid, the site is under protection by NPWS and you will need to contact National Parks and Wildlife Service and obtain the required permission before works can proceed.  All contact details for local wildlife officers are listed at this link.

If this proposed project is in an SAC, NHA or SPA can I proceed without consulting National Parks and Wildlife Service? No
All projects within the above areas must have a letter of authorisation from NPWS before submission.  It is advisable to use this map viewer before submitting any applications to IFI.


If this proposed project is within a flood plain I need to consult the Office of Public Works (OPW) who are the lead agency for flood risk management in Ireland.

Contact details for the OPW can be obtained from the following link