Projects that have been approved by the IFI Director will be assessed by the evaluation committee.
Projects will be assessed and scored on an 11 point scale as follows;

1.  Conservation Limit (0-2 pts.).
     Rivers below the CL scores 2 points.
     Rivers with a CL between 100%-120% scores 1 point.
     Rivers exceeding 120% of the CL scores 0.2. 

2. Water Quality (1-5pts)
    Based on the Q-Value a score of between 1-5 is allocated to the river.
    (A Q-value of 1 scores 1 point.  A Q-value of 5 scores 5 points).

3.  The maximum benefit of the project to the river (1-4)
     A score of between 1-4 is allocated to the maximum benefit of each project to the river.