Channels and Challenges – The Enhancement of Salmonid Rivers

Channels and Challenges

Over the past 20 years Inland Fisheries Ireland (formally the Central and Regional Fisheries Boards) have invested substantial monies (circa €30m) in the enhancement of salmonid rivers in Ireland which had been damaged by a variety of land management practices – arterial drainage, intensive agricultural practices and other activities.

This Inland Fisheries Ireland publication outlines how IFI has gone about its business in terms of riverine enhancement programmes. The science behind these programmes is outlined. The pitfalls one can encounter are detailed. The impacts of individual land management practices such as drainage, overgrazing, bank trampling, etc. on salmonid channels are outlined. Considerable detail is provided in relation to the various ways physically damaged channels can be enhanced. Specific examples of the gains one can achieve following enhancement programmes are provided.

This book was written primarily for the benefit of the stream enhancement practitioner. However, it is also of considerable interest to planners, developers, educators in the physical geography area and to anyone with an interest in the ecology of river corridors.

While this work relates entirely to Irish riverine enhancement programmes the approach outlined and works undertaken are applicable to damaged salmonid waters in any part of the world.

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