Control of Aquatic Invasive Species in Ireland

In response to the growing threat posed by aquatic invasive species in Irish waterways, Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) developed the Control of Aquatic Invasive Species and Restoration of Natural Communities in Ireland (CAISIE) project to address the issues and develop solutions to the problems posed by these species in Ireland.

The CAISIE project commenced in September 2009 and concluded in January 2013. It was an EU LIFE+ funded programme co-financed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and co-ordinated by IFI. The broad objective of the project was to contribute to the halting of biodiversity loss in Ireland by preventing further impacts on native biodiversity from high impact aquatic invasive species. This was achieved through the development and demonstration of effective control methods, a programme of stakeholder engagement and awareness raising and policy development and dissemination.

The CAISIE Project Layman’s Report, AFTER-LIFE Conservation Plan and AFTER-LIFE Communication Plan are available to download below:



Find out more about the project and what it has achieved to date here:



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