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Atlantic Aquatic Resource Conservation

ARC logoThe AARC project in Ireland will help increase our understanding of some of the factors causing salmon population declines in the River Shannon and how they might be addressed by using new developments from the study of restoration ecology. In the context of the Shannon Salmon Restoration Project objectives, published by the former Shannon Regional Fisheries Board, AARC will provide an important impetus by identifying the current status of salmon production in the Shannon, coordinating the activities of national authorities and scientific institutions and by applying genetic knowledge to provide a basis for the rehabilitation of salmon in the upper Shannon.

Objectives of the project:

  • Identify and protect residual wild and feral salmon populations
  • Identify and relieve access issues
  • A tributary specific moratorium on stocking to facilitate genetic assessment
  • Select candidate genetic material for restoration populations
  • Operate hatchery programme for gene banking and brood-stock  management
  • Assess locations for re-establishment of populations
  • Release strategy complimentary to natural re-colonisation processes
  • Releases to be restricted to the establishment of 2 or 3 cohorts
  • Monitor fitness of satellite populations

AARC Project News

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