Statement from Inland Fisheries Ireland on the issue of pike and trout management


Campaigners already part of the review consultation process


Thursday, 21st September 2107: Inland Fisheries Ireland is aware that some angling groups are campaigning in the mainstream media and on social media on the issue of pike and trout management.

Inland Fisheries Ireland is currently reviewing its trout and pike policies with the initial focus on pike management in designated wild brown trout fisheries.

It is regrettable that stakeholder groups are campaigning and taking unilateral action, especially in view of the fact that the two main trout representative groups, the Trout Angling Federation of Ireland (TAFI) and the National Anglers Representative Association (NARA) and the two main pike angling representative groups the Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs (IFPAC) and the Irish Pike Society (IPS), are already part of the inclusive review process.

Inland Fisheries Ireland recognises the diverse opinions of stakeholders, and as a Public Authority  is obliged to consider all viewpoints on this issue. In this regard, IFI has welcomed the opportunity to engage all stakeholders through a public consultation process. All interested parties were invited to make written submissions and over 300 were received. All submissions are available to view on the IFI website (see link below). These submissions are being comprehensively reviewed and considered by the Management of Pike in Designated Wild Brown Trout Fisheries Policy Review Group.

Oral submissions from angling representative groups and associations were heard by the Group early in the year, and there have been three days of meetings with a range of stakeholders including experts from the scientific community during an extended period of information gathering.

In bringing forward recommendations, the Group will consider all current scientific advice.

At this time, no conclusions or recommendations have been made. It is important that the Review Group, with inputs from all stakeholders is facilitated in completing its work. 

Given the strongly held views of the two angling stakeholder groups involved, trout anglers and pike anglers, it is IFI’s view that consensus will only be achieved if representatives from both groups participate  in a constructive and respectful way in the current process, and away from mainstream and social media.

Inland Fisheries Ireland’s existing polices remain in force pending the formulation of updated policies, which are expected in 2018.




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