Update on Bandon Flood Relief Scheme

On the 28th of September, the Office of Public Works informed Inland Fisheries Ireland that it intended to continue work on the Bandon Flood Relief Scheme beyond the end of September, which is the annual deadline for the completion of in-stream works.

These continued works are being carried out under Section 10 of the Arterial Drainage Act 1945 which states that works can continue in the case of a drainage scheme: ‘It shall not be obligatory on the Commissioners, when constructing drainage works in pursuance of a drainage scheme, to comply with the Fisheries Acts….’. The extended works are planned to continue until mid-November.

In advising Inland Fisheries Ireland, the Office of Public Works stated that it: ‘considers it is in the best interest of the project to undertake further works over the next four weeks and up to six weeks at Bandon Bridge’.