What is the NSAD?

Inland Fisheries Ireland has consulted previously on the preparation of a National Angling Development Plan. Following its consultation and research undertaken by IFI, IFI has prepared the National Strategy for Angling Development (NSAD).

The National Strategy for Angling Development (NSAD) 2015-2020 is the first comprehensive national framework for the development of our angling resource. The strategy will deliver a wide-ranging set of investments, innovations and promotions over the coming five years. This will ensure that our fish stocks and angling infrastructure are protected and enhanced for both their economic value and their recreational benefit to the communities and visitors they serve across Ireland. Effective and sustainable implementation of the strategy will ensure stability of existing jobs and businesses reliant on angling and the creation of new jobs as the economic impact of angling grows. 

The strategy will also ensure that our angling resource is protected and conserved in an environmentally sustainable manner for future generations to enjoy. Fundamentally, this strategy will strive to make angling an accessible and attractive pursuit for all. In this regard, the strategy is the foremost statement of intent for the future of our angling resource since the establishment of IFI in 2010.