An introduction to the Fisheries Consultants Panel

The launch of the National Strategy for Angling Development, along with the ongoing funding available through the Salmon Conservation Fund and Midland Fisheries Fund and significant ongoing interest in ensuring fisheries habitats are conserved and angling opportunities sustainably developed, have led to increased need to ensure appropriately qualified and experienced professionals are available to undertake increasing quantities of work in line with legislative requirements.

Using a Multi Supplier Framework Agreement Inland Fisheries Ireland has set up a panel of suitably qualified providers, known as framework panel members, that are available to undertake work across three areas outlined below. This panel has been reviewed by Inland Fisheries Ireland and is available for use by both Inland Fisheries Ireland as well as stakeholders developing their own fisheries projects, as follows:

Panel 1 Environmental Experts

  • Developing catchment based restoration plans based on environmental need.
  • Undertaking associated screenings / scoping for environmental impact assessments, screenings / scoping for appropriate assessments / natura impact assessments, appropriate assessments / natura impact statements and environmental impact statements.
  • Undertaking reports and surveys including but not limited to topographical surveys, hydrological reports, geomorphological surveys, architectural heritage reports, archaeological reports etc. as required for each project.

Panel 2 Environmental Engineering Specialists

  • Developing proposals and securing planning permission for fisheries development projects, including both instream habitat enhancement and angling access works.
  • Developing, assessing and recommending design works options based on cost, maintenance, disturbance and other structural and ecological implications.
  • Attending relevant public meetings to discuss and present development options to the general public, councils and interested parties as required.
  • Overseeing and Monitoring projects during the works stage.
  • Project Supervisor for the Design Process Role to the satisfaction of Inland Fisheries Ireland.
  • Procure services of third party contractors as required on behalf of Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Panel 3 Construction Contractors, with instream and fisheries experience

  • Delivering Construction Drawings for fisheries projects.
  • QS breakdown of costs associated with development.
  • Construction works for fisheries projects, both in stream and on the bank/ shore.
  • Sign Off on the completion of projects.

Overview of process for undertaking a project using the Fisheries Panel

Process for undertaking a project using the Fisheries Panel.

Who can use the Panel?
Inland Fisheries Ireland and fisheries stakeholders i.e. angling clubs, community development organisations, local authorities, businesses etc. undertaking fisheries related projects. Those using this panel are referred to as the ‘Framework Clients’.

How can I engage the services of a Panel member to undertake a project?
On each occasion that a Framework Client proposes to award a Contract under this Framework Agreement the following processes apply:

  • For projects under €25,000 at least written quotations will be sought from Framework Agreement Lot members.
  • For projects over €25,000, the Contracting Authority or the Framework Client shall issue (by electronic means) a Supplementary Request for Tenders (“SRFT”) to all Framework Members in accordance with the procedure (a “Mini-Competition”) outlined here.

To enable the Panel members to provide an accurate quotation the Framework Client shall develop a ‘Scope of Work’ in consultation with Inland Fisheries Ireland staff. This should include project specific information and the timeline for the work. A Template for a Scope of Work is available to download from the online library. Where the work relates to a project funded by Inland Fisheries Ireland the requirement shall be reviewed by Inland Fisheries Ireland to ensure it is in line with project awarded funding.

Templates and guidance documents are available to Panel members for their information on the online library.

I need to get a piece of work done for my project that falls under the items listed, do I have to use the panel?
Inland Fisheries Ireland advise that the panel is used but it is not mandatory at present.

What if I wish to be included on the panel?
Inland Fisheries Ireland intend to open applications to the panel again in 2018. For those wishing to be considered for inclusion on the panel please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Is there a template contract available?
Yes, this should be used by any Framework Client and is available to download form the online library.

Where do I go for further information?
If you wish to engage a fisheries consultant via this panel you should get in touch with the Projects Office through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01 8842600.
For Templates and best practice guidelines Click Here

Mini Competition Process for Projects over €25K
The SRFT shall set out:

  • the scope and term of the Contract to be awarded;
  • the deadline (date and time) for the receipt of responses to the SRFT (each a “Response”) taking into account the complexity of the Contract and the time needed to prepare an appropriate Response.  Responses received after the deadline will not be considered;
  • the types and levels of insurance required for the Contract;
  • any additional conditions (if any) that will apply to the Contract in addition to the terms and conditions of the Services Agreement.

All Responses to the SRFT must be submitted via the etenders facility only.  Responses received in any other manner including e-mail or hardcopy will not be considered.

Any clarifications issued by the Contracting Authority or the Framework Client, as applicable, in relation to a SRFT will be communicated via the etenders facility only.

The Framework Client may award a Contract following an evaluation of the Responses based on the award criteria set out in below.

The Contracting Authority and the Framework Client reserve the right to issue or seek written clarifications.

The award criteria for Mini-Competitions shall be:


Marks Available

  • Cost


  • Technical Skills


  • Ability to deliver the service and contract management


  • Perceived understanding of the project and approach to delivery


  • Quality & Relevancy of Resource and completed contracts of similar nature




No enforceable commitment of any kind, contractual or otherwise will exist unless and until a formal written Contract has been executed by or on behalf of the Framework Client. 

The Contracting Authority or the Framework Client may cancel a Mini-Competition at any time prior to a Contract being executed by the Framework Client.  Any notification of preferred bidder status by the Contracting Authority or a Framework Client shall not give rise to any enforceable rights by the Framework Member.

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