Overview of process for undertaking a project using the Fisheries Panel

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a) Project initialisation
Framework Client (FC) Identifies need for Panel Services in relation to a specific project or task.



Panel Prequalification Process

  • RFT issued
  • Tenders Evaluated
  • Framework Agreement signed by Panel Members and Inland Fisheries Ireland



b) Define Scope of work
Detailed job spec, deliverables, any specific requirements and experience, timelines & reporting using template.


Panel information on Inland Fisheries Ireland website, including templates and guidelines documents


c) Short List eligible consultants
FC Review and short list experienced consultants from panel.

FC Assess eligible consultants Tenders including feedback from Past Performance Reports & previous assessments with the defined Scope of Work




d) Request for quote
Scope of work to be provided to at least three Panel members. Where project estimated  over €25K, a short RFT required via etenders to Panel members.

Modification to the proposed works or differences in tender submissions in relation to standardisation of response particularly in relation to costs V’s deliverables.



e) Evaluation
Submissions  evaluated by FC using criteria outlined and inform invited consultants in writing of the outcome of the evaluation process.




f) Contractor Appointment
Notification to Tenderers. Draw up contract using template based on scope of work.







g) Works
Consultant carries out project using templates and guidance provided on the website. IFI evaluate draft for problems and consultant modify if necessary.







h) Post works performance report

IFI staff in charge of project evaluate performance of consultant.

i) Archiving of all data and reports
All data and reports relating to project stored with that project on the online application portal.



Angling Information

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