Use of Large Protection Vessels to police illegal fishing and co-operation with other agencies

What are the Cosantoir Bradan and the Bradan Beatha?

These are two Large Patrol Vessels (LPV) which were used for the monitoring of the salmon driftnet fishery in inshore waters by the predecessors to Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI), the Central and Regional Boards.

Are these boats still in use?

The Bradan Beatha is now used by IFI to police illegal activity in inshore waters on an on-going basis. The nature of the fishery has changed and the deployment of the Bradan Beatha is to assist in the prevention of illegal salmon fishing and augment other methods in use such as Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) and Personal Water Craft (PWC) patrols.

The Cosantoir Bradan is now in use as a Geographical Survey Ireland (GSI) Survey Vessel. As and from October 11, 2012, this vessel will used as the INFOMAR Survey vessel. Information is available from

Are there any synergies?

The Cosantoir Bradan will get create maps which IFI can use for the marketing of Wreck Angling. It will also provide excellent coastal mapping which will aid anglers in choosing appropriate fishing spots.

Is this a loss of protection capacity for IFI?

No, the nature of IFIs work has changed since the closure of the drift net fishery. Policing illegal activity needs to be immediate, effective and focused. The combined use of intelligence, RIBs, PWCs and the Bradan Beatha provide a more efficient reactive response. IFIs staff compliment has also decreased and can be better deployed on shorter, more focused operations.