Something Fishy

The Something Fishy  education programme was developed in in collaboration with Blackrock and Monaghan Education Centers and is delivered to over 100 schools nation wide each year.. ‘Something Fishy’ is aimed at fifth and sixth classes at primary level for pupils to explore different aspects of fish life for example, water, fish, the life cycle of salmon, fish stocks, angling, conservation of rivers and lakes and the role of fish as part of the food chain. It is an activity-based educational resource and is designed to be interesting and attractive to both teachers and students. A key element of the programme is that it promotes learning about fish and the environment in a local context. Visit to find out more.

If you would like to be find out more or get involved in the ‘Something fishy’ project please contact our Clonmel office:

  • Tel: +353 (0)52 618 0055 
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Something Fishy Schools 2013/2014
Something Fishy Schools 2013/2014