Funding Allocated €15,000
Project Spend
Funds transferred from River Dinan €4,406

Funds were allocated for rehabilitation works on the Allow and Dalua (Tribs of the Blackwater) in conjunction with the Blackwater Salmon Development Group. This project involves bank protection and spawning ground enhancement.  The Rivers Allow and Dalua project consisted mainly of river bank protection using rock armour to prevent clay banks from eroding and clogging spawning gravels in the rivers downstream.  Vast areas of these rivers require attention; however the sites selected for this project were selected in conjunction with local anglers and the severity of the problem locally. Rock armour was used as experience dictated that timber structures were not suited for a river of this water velocity.  Due to the major problem caused by river bank erosion in this area it was necessary to continue outside the scope of the funding provided, therefore funding on this project exceeded the allocated budget. The complete works are proving to be successful following a number of high water events.

River Allow

Rock armour on the River Allow
Rock armour on the River Allow