Q: Is sponsorship available for angling events?

A: Yes. However, the deadline for receipt of applications for the sponsorship in 2012 has now passed.

IFI, depending on the availability of funds, hope to provide sponsorship (funding and/or support) to groups, associations, clubs or other appropriate bodies to assist with events/items which meet the aims of the IFI Sponsorship Programme and advance the awareness of the inland fisheries resource, recreational angling and IFI in 2013. Further details will be announced here later in the year.

The IFI Sponsorship Programme aims to increase awareness of IFI, its work, recreational angling and the inland fisheries resource. IFI may support events on the basis of:

  • Location and nature of the Event;
  • Potential of the Event to introduce new users to angling in an active capacity, i.e. not just as spectators;
  • Educate/Inform stakeholders of angling/environmental/commercial salmon fisheries/habitat issues;
  • Development of non-established Events;
  • An even distribution of sponsorship across all angling disciplines and all River Basin Districts;
  • Events which include participants from some of the groups listed; people of different; ages, political opinion, race, religious belief, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, people with dependants, people with a disability, and members of the traveller community, are particularly welcome.

Events which will not be considered include

  • The provision of hospitality, where the hospitality is the central or core aspect to the support sought from IFI;
  • Events where the primary function of the Event is fund-raising;
  • Events, which in the view of IFI, are economically viable without financial support from IFI; and
  • Capital projects such as acquiring or developing new or existing buildings, infrastructure development or acquiring/maintaining equipment.