Leader funding for angling projects

LEADER funding is administered by local companies also known as Local Action Groups (LAGs) who distribute grants and other supports to projects within their areas.

IFI can advise angling clubs, fisheries owners, community groups and other applicants on proposed fisheries works or indicate what else might be needed on a specific river catchment. We have listed below the various measures under Axis 3 which applicants may seek funding under. In general there are 3 different Axis 3 measures that may be applicable to anglers:

  • Encouragement of tourism activities
  • Village renewal and development
  • Conservation and upgrading of the rural heritage

We have also suggested some possible types of fishery enhancement works that could fall under these categories and so may be eligible for funding, however each application needs to be assessed by the local LAG or Leader company.

Each Leader company has an agreed programme/business plan, and to be eligible for funding, projects must fit into the company's plan. Project facilitators/programme managers are employed by the Leader companies to assist with project applications.

See here or a list of leader companies and their contact details.

See here for various rates of funding.

IFI staff in each River Basin District (RBD) are experienced in the area of fishery development work and can offer advice to angling clubs looking to carry our development work. To find out who best to contact in your area see here.

Axis 3 Measures

Axis 3 measures

Specific actions

Suggested fishery enhancements

Encouragement Of Tourism Activities
The main objective of this measure is to promote the sustainable, regionally balanced, tourism potential of all rural areas through the provision of necessary infrastructure and the development of the countryside as a recreational resource for all. The following are eligible for funding.

Analysis and provision of infrastructural needs for tourism and countryside recreation in a defined area

• Construction of or upgrading of car parks for access to angling facilities
• Disabled access ramps
• Construction of public toilets
• Erection of signage and information boards
• Provision or upgrading of lighting in car parks

Development of niche tourism such as arts and crafts, speciality food provision, ecotourism, genealogy, archaeology etc

• Development of angling as an ecotourism activity through the promotion of club activities.(adverts, publicity)
• Development of eco-tourism angling packages with local service providers such as guesthouses, restaurants, gillies and angling instructors.(research, adverts, brochures)
• Installation of fish counters in the hope of having rivers opened for salmon fishing again should the numbers suffice.

Development of the use of the Internet and e-commerce facilities in general for the provision of booking and information services to tourists

Website development for angling clubs.
Ticket sales on-line.

Maintenance of vernacular features - ie canal towpaths


Support for  the development of tourism facilities and amenities


Village Renewal and Development
The main objective of this measure is to provide appropriate supports to enhance the economic and social attractiveness of villages, small towns and the surrounding countryside. The following measures will be eligible for funding

Environmental upgrading e.g. upgrading parks, civic areas, river walks etc

• Upgrading of tow paths, educational signage relating to angling, species guides etc.
• Bank protection (rock armour, log rivettement etc.) to preserve access to fishery
• Fencing (protection of river banks including fences, stiles, cattle drinks etc.)
• Riparian zone improvement (tree pruning and strategic tree planting)

Access facilities to amenities

Bank protection (rock armour, log rivettement etc.)

Other small-scale actions

Signage, litter bins in carparks

Conservation And Upgrading Of The Rural Heritage
The main objective of this measure is to provide an integrated approach for the protection of the local heritage through a number of related preservation actions, complemented by a range of initiatives designed to develop the sustainable economic contribution of the natural heritage. The following are eligible for funding under this measure

Integrated plans for the restoration and development of locally significant natural areas, features and areas of environmental significance

• Fish passage enhancement eg. Removal of barriers, modification of weirs, construction of fish passes.
• Spawning enhancement (addition of gravel or cleaning of existing substrates)
• Instream structures (weirs, deflectors, rubble mats, random boulders etc.)
• Fencing (protection of river banks including fences, stiles, cattle drinks etc.)

Community environmental actions to protect and restore the amenity value of local water resources and high value nature areas

Bank protection (rock armour, log rivettement etc.)
Fencing (protection of river banks including fences, stiles, cattle drinks etc.)