Irish Specimen Fish Committee

Founded in 1953 the ISFC is an independent voluntary body. The committee consists of representatives of the Irish Angling Federation and the Government Departments and official organisations interested in angling. Its objective is to verify, record and publicise the capture of large fish on rod and line in Irish waters. A list of Specimen Fish is published annually by the Committee. Only fish which can be fully vouched for as to weight and species can be accepted and listed by the Committee.

Although new Irish records are usually established every year, many of the existing records pre-date the formation of the ISFC. When the ISFC was established in 1955 the Committee examined existing records from various sources and published a list of verified records. This list provided the benchmark for anglers to achieve and surpass. Since those formative years many records have been broken and new records are established virtually every year.

For various reasons many of long-standing records may never be broken. However, this is one of the challenges of angling and with greater angler proficiency and skill, and improvements in angling techniques and technology the prospect of breaking these and the other records is irresistible.

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