Inland Fisheries Ireland Corporate Plan 2011 - 2015

IFI Corporate PlanSection 41 of the Inland Fisheries Act 2010 specifies that Inland Fisheries Ireland shall prepare and adopt a five year rolling corporate plan within six months of its establishment day. This Corporate Plan will set the direction of the organisation for the next five years and identify the key objectives and measurements which will ensure that Inland Fisheries Ireland delivers on its remit. In addition this Corporate Plan will underpin the medium and long term vision for Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Chairman’s Foreword

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) was established on July 1st, 2010, following the restructuring of Ireland’s inland fisheries sector. Its principal function is the protection, management and conservation of the inland fisheries and sea angling resource.

Despite the ever increasing pressures on our fisheries, Ireland still boasts a wealth of inland and sea angling resources which greatly enhance the quality of people’s lives on a daily basis as well as delivering economic and social benefits to the Irish economy in the form of job creation, social inclusion and tourism revenue. However, we cannot be complacent about the resource or our management of the environment. We must continue to build on our past successes to ensure the continued rational and sustainable usage of this natural resource into the future.

The introduction of this Corporate Plan is an important milestone in the transition to the new management structure in inland fisheries. It draws together the planned initiatives of IFI for the years 2011 to 2015. Its compilation involved successive rounds of dialogue and consultation with stakeholders and staff at all levels and locations, their active participation is one of the Plan’s foremost strengths.

I want to thank my fellow Board members, the CEO, the Senior Management Team and all the staff of IFI for their very considerable efforts in preparing this Corporate Plan. We have set ourselves many challenging targets. I am satisfied that they can be achieved given the continued commitment of our staff and those interested in the resource.

Brendan O’Mahony
Inland Fisheries Ireland


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